Total Edits & Design logo current       Variety of Services – Affordable Pricing


       Editing: $18 per hour      

     Preps for Publishing Book: $28 per hour

     Photo Retouches or Graphic Design Creation: $28 per hour

     Computer Artistry Illustration or Consulting: $35 per hour



First Time Clients: With respect for that very personal connection style between who you are and what you write,

Total Edits & Design offers a getting-to-know-you edit.

You will be provided a free Full Edit (see edit categories below) for your first 200 words submitted. The edit will be returned with a sample “Clean copy.” This allows you a first-hand experience with our editing techniques. You can examine our level of expertise and if pleased, then determine the editing services you prefer. (Editing sample displayed here: Check Out Our Work)

Those Requiring Graphics or Computer Artistry: Graphic design or computer artistry illustration sample displays can be accessed here: Check Out Our Work. This allows you to determine if Total Edits & Design has that special spark for creativity and visual quality you can be confident will capture your audience and effectively convey your message.

Full Edit  (Any Verbiage — typical manuscript, document, poem, prose, proposed ad copy, etc.)

  •        Check for spelling – grammar – punctuation
  •         Denote omissions; need for transitions
  •        Tightening of text 
  •        Analysis of overall document or manuscript presentation and content
  •        Suggested rewrites
  •        Restructuring of sentence or paragraph for clarity and/or  flow
  •        Research for quotes and references (origin authenticity and original verbiage)

Pricing: Full Edit (any or all services as listed above) – $18 per hour



Preps for Publishing Book

  •        Book Layout
  •        Photo Preparations (i.e. touch-ups, enhancements, minimal restoration, resizing, etc.)
  •        Graphic Design (For illustration – See Computer Artistry)
  •        Cover Design
  •        Adobe InDesign PDF files print ready for publisher
  •        If Self-Pub — Submit print-ready files to Self-Publishing Company 

Pricing: Full Book Edit with any additional Service (as listed above) – $28 per hour



Design Services

  •          Graphic Design (logos, online or website graphics, etc.)
  •        Graphic Design — Text/Layout (ads, cards, flyers, brochures, letterhead,   etc.)
  •        Photo or Graphic Enhancements

Pricing: Any Design Service (as listed above) – $28 per hour

Computer Artistry for Illustration

Pricing: Any Computer Artistry for Illustration (as listed above) – $35 per hour

Consulting for Manuscript Direction (i.e. Plot, Character, Storyboard, etc.)

  •           Conversations for consulting purposes via telephone or email. 

Pricing: Consulting – $35 per hour



(NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse services due to language or content.)